Attractions on Prince Edward Island

Information on Prince Edward Island - Things to see and do.

Eastern PEI is considered Kings County... as you tour the eastern region you will find hills and harbours and bays and dunes in this picturesque part of Prince Edward Island along the Points East Coastal Drive. There are small towns and communities that boast of lighthouses, golf courses, harbours, beautiful beaches and dunes and much, much more...

These prestine areas are filled with things to do and see during your vacation on PEI.

The island is noted for its golf courses and eastern PEI has 3 of the top courses according to "Golf Digest" Brudenell, Dundarave and Crowbush Golf Course. There are 4 - 18 hole golf courses and 4 - 9 hole courses all within close proximity to the beach houses. However, PEI has 26 golf courses that you can golf at.

The Points East Coastal Drive, which is 211 km of road that lets you explore the eastern island's coastline. This drive brings you to 30 beaches, some are red sand, white sand or our famous singing sands. The route will take you to points of land that jut out into the waters and are guarded by unique lighthouses. The views are stunning, you'll be captivated by the sheer beauty of the island. Can you imagine walking for miles on long white sand beaches and not seeing another sole... you can experieince this or you can mingle with the tourists and locals at many of our beaches. If you don't like the beaches then walk our rugged coast line on the red sandstone rocks that surround our island and beach comb. There is something for everyone...

" Here is a story of one of my beach combing days. I was down on the shore by Bull creek Road looking for seaglass to make some unique necklaces when I saw these still filled balloons on top of the rocks. When I went to pick them up to take them off the beach I noticed they had "Happy Birthday New York" on them. So these balloons were released in New York, USA and flew across the ocean to land on our shores. I guess the boomerang I found the next week came even a longer distance..." Whether it is our rugged shores or prestine sand beaches there are always places and things to discover!

The coastal drive will bring you to picturesque wharfs where you can see the fishermen coming in with their catch whether it be lobster, mussels, tuna, ground fish, clams or other seafood. The island is famous for its island blue mussels and delicious lobsters, you can purchase these island treats at the wharf, stores or fish pound.

If you want to have a true adventure then be sure to go after one of the Giant Blue Fin Tuna with one of the charters out of North Lake Harbour, MacNeil's Tuna Charter, Bruce Brother's Tuna Charters or Tony's Tuna Fishing all great Captains. These giant fish weight in anywhere from 800 lbs. to 1500 lbs or more. It is quite a site to see the fishermen bring one into the harbour. To see such a site you can go to North Lake Harbour, " Tuna Capital of the World" or Naufrage Harbour " which means shipwreck". There are many other harbours on the north shores that you can experience this unbelievable site but the two harbours mentioned are closest to the houses.

" When I visited Jamaica a few years ago I was offered the chance to go tuna fishing... I had a good laugh as our fish was larger then the boat I would have had to go out and try my luck on. Needless to say I stayed ashore!

Eastern Prince Edward Island has lots more to discover like its "Confederation Trail", which is a biking and walking trail that goes from one end of the island to the other. The trail goes from Tignish to the end of the line in Elmira where you will find the railway museum. The government made all the railway tracks into beautiful recreation trails for all to enjoy. The communities throughout the island have also added to these trail that wind through fields, wooded area and along the water ways.

Travel down our picturesque red clay heritage roads. It is like going through a tunnel of folliage in different shades of green or in the fall the reds and oranges. These roads are great for biking or finding farmers out in the fields planting or gathering their crops. Stop, ask questions they love to yarn as much as the fishermen do at the wharfs. Find out all about our industries right from the people who work them.

For those bird watchers there are 333 species of birds on Prince Edward Island. The bald eagle is one of many that soar in the air around the beach houses. I often see the eagles sitting on the cliff points looking for the fish or circling high above the water waiting to swoop for its pray. They are truly a magnificent bird.

The Blue Heron is also in abundance on the island you can sometimes see 50 at a time at Sand Spit Beach House. They are all along the south shores of the island in the rivers and Northumberland Strait. You will see them on the northshores but not as much as the southshores.

As you travel the eastern region of the island you will be captivated by the green rolling hills; the blue of the water against the stunning red soil and the white sand beaches and dunes that go for miles. Driving to the island, I believe the first thing you will find remarkable about PEI is our red soil, it is quite amazing when you arrive at the Northumberland ferry terminal or cross over the 12 km Confederation Bridge. The bridge is quite a site in its self ... incredible!

If you fly into Charlottetown airport, our only large craft airport, it will be the vivid shades of green that the crops produce that will take your eye. I heard it referred to as a patch work quilt, and I would have to agree. Even though I grew up on the island I am still mesmerized by our "gentle island" and what we have to offer.

This is a photo of Bothwell, which is east of Souris. Just look at the incredible colors. The inlet is fed by the ocean. There are many waterways to kayak or canoe as well as rivers to sail in the eastern end of the island. The photo on the home page with the kayak's is actually this waterway.

There is much more to experience on Prince Edward Island. When you stay in one of our beach houses I will be your island guide! Just give me a call during your stay and I will be happy to help you plan your days. If you would like grocery's picked up and be waiting at the house for when you arrive we also provide this service.

Don't delay book one of these beautiful beach houses for your PE Island vacation. "The Gentle Island