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Information about Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Prince Edward Island is known simply as “The Island” to the locals who were either born or grew up here. The Micmac Indians called it Minegoo, which means “The Island” or Abegweit “cradled on the waves” so technically these were the first names associated to Prince Edward Island.

The Island is a crescent-shaped island of red soil, rolling green fields, neat rural settlements; pretty fishing villages and farms that resemble the patchwork quilts the island is famous for. It is approximately 224 km (140 miles) in length and approximately 6-64 km (2 –4 miles) wide.

Our beautiful white sandy beaches and dunes surround this precious island and are a great place to swim. The beaches are virtually deserted and on some of them you can literally walk for miles and not see a soul. Sand bars, sea stacks, ever-changing sand dunes and sand spits provide variety for our pleasure. Periwinkles, sand dollars, sand fleas, mussels, several types of clams, crabs, oysters, lobster, starfish and jellyfish are some of the water life you will see while walking or swimming our island shores.

If you are a bird watcher you will be happy to know we have 333 species of birds on our island. One of the most beautiful to watch are the bald eagles soaring in the sky.

………..our natural beauty

Throughout the year, nature displays an ever-changing array of colours. You may find our roadsides abloom with lupins & wild roses, while fields fill with fireweed, daisies, brown-eyed susan, Queen Anne's Lace and other wildflowers. Wooded areas are home to our provincial flower, the delicate “Lady Slipper”.
On a sunny day, sun and swim on one of our many beautiful beaches, we are surrounded by them. Overcast or raining try beach comb for shells, driftwood and pieces of sea glass. Our region is dotted with trails and other opportunities to experience wildlife in it natural habitat. Walk or bike our Confederation Trail, which is the old railway system that has been turned into trails from one end of the island to the other. Prince Edward Island tourism offers a tip to tip certificate if you are energetic enough to travel the entire trail.

…………our people

From community festivals to church lobster suppers, country auctions, to the '70 Mile Yard Sale', friendly faces abound on ‘the island'. We enjoy meeting people that “come from away” and sharing the island ways. During our “wee” chat you will find the best spots to go for music, a feast of lobster or a secluded picnic. PEI is considered a very friendly place and those who come to visit often come back or purchase homes.

...............our Island flavors

The island is know around the world for our ‘Island Blue Mussels', which you'll see throughout the waterways. Most of our waterways are actually estuary's and have tides, which are needed for the mussel industry. The island is well known for its P.E.I. potatoes and lobster, we also have scallops, oysters, clams, lots of fresh meats, and strawberries, high and low bush blueberries, dairy products and fresh vegetables. Freshly served to you from the local wharf, family farms or restaurants, they are all served throughout PEI in our restaurants!

In the fall you can experience many island delights at our Fall Flavor Festival, which is in the month of September. The festival is celebrated across the entire island and the island cuisine is bountiful.

……....our heritage roads

Our provincial government has ‘preserved the past' by designating select roads “Scenic Heritage Roads”. While enjoying these drives, along these red dirt roads, imagine the horse drawing carriages or sleigh and the horseback riders of days gone by. These clay dirt roads are excellent for biking and walking and very well maintained.

……….our island history

The lighthouses that still guard our shores, architecture of older homes, churches, barns and commercial buildings whisper of times past. Our museum artifacts, photos, displays and exhibits will inform and entertain you with yarns of our past. The names of many villages and towns tell of the former communities from which our earliest settlers came. Our churches range in style from simple country chapels, to island stone structures designed by William Critchlow Harris.

............ our island harbours

The harbours that are in the Points East Coastal Drive area are excellent for those of you who love to travel by water. You can travel the eastern end of the island visiting all the fishing villages by the water and drop anchor at beautiful wharfs. There are many of our harbours that can accommodate sailboats.

............ our island beaches

When you think about Prince Edward Island you automatically think beaches or our potato. Although our PEI potatoes are delicious this is about our magnificent beaches. We have eleven hundred kilometres of shoreline, much of it in the form of pristine beaches. When you visit our beaches you'll experience white sand, red sand or our famous “singing sands”. In eastern PEI you are almost never more than 15 minutes away from a body of water and beach. The long exceptional beaches and dunes that surround our “Gentle Island” are great for exploring, relaxing in the sun, building sandcastles, walking for miles or sitting to watch magnificent sunsets.

Our famous Basin Head “singing sands” beach located in eastern PEI; just past the seaside town of Souris is the number one beach in Canada. For reasons scientists are still trying to figure out, this beach that makes a strange sound whenever the wind swirls or when a we walk on it. It is suggested the reason may be because of the texture and consistency of the quartz sand. Nevertheless, the sound is a unique feature of a beach that has some of the warmest waters north of Florida. In summer months, the water temperature will top 21 Celsius degrees (70 Fahrenheit) at our more than 800 kilometres of beaches. One of the reasons is that the island is surrounded by sandbars, when the tides are out the sun heats the sand, which warms the water as it rolls ashore.

Prince Edward Island… "Where Land, Sea and Sky come together"

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